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    Think Frugally

    There are people who are born with the frugal gene.  You know those people who are natural savers, always find the best deals and don’t seem to care for luxury cars or brand name clothes.  All they care about are the total digits before the comma on their bank statement. There are others who weren’t born with the frugal gene but were able to gain smart money management skills through their upbringing from budget-minded parents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with that gene nor did I grow up in a budget-minded family. I truly enjoy going to restaurants, would love to drive a new luxury car, and I can’t stay away…

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    Cuba – Food & Booze

    Grubbing This is Amir’s area of expertise as he explores cultures through their cuisines. Through his research and the recommendation of our host, we found three inexpensive restaurants we really enjoyed. During all our visit to the 3 restaurants we always ordered at least 2 entrees and 2 drinks and the bills never added to more than $13 CUC. All three restaurants are within 3 blocks of each other and priced very reasonable. D’Next serves American cuisine and it is similar to a US diner at one third the price. During our many visits to D’Next we enjoyed the pasta, pizza, and burger.  My favorite part about visiting D’Next was their…

  • Havna
    Travel On A Budget


    Amir and I decided to take a last minute 6-day trip to Cuba and we are so happy we did because it turned out to be one of the best and most relaxing trips we’ve taken.  In this post, we will share details of time spent in Varadero and Havana, visa information, and cost of the trip. I look forward to reading your feedback or questions via the comment section. Varadero   Varadero is a small beach town situated east of Havana and is a quick 2-hour taxi ride away. According to several Havana locals, Varadero is the most beautiful beach in Cuba. Currency Exchange There is a currency exchange…