About Us

Bangkok, Thailand

Hi there welcome to our blog! We’re Silvia and Amir. We are a frugal Pexican (Mexican and Persian) couple trying to live a budget-balanced life.

Amir is my Persian prince, born in Shiraz, Iran. Although he doesn’t like to admit it, he has a bit of a southern boy in him as he has been living in the south for over 18 years. He enjoys coding, running, good food, craft beer, and exploring breweries/distilleries. Without Amir I wouldn’t have been able to put this beautiful blog together; he is the brains of our relationship.  He hopes to improve his WordPress and web developing skills through this blog.

Silvia – I was born in a small village (rancho) in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico but raised in a small Georgia town. I spent about a year living in Sweden and have visited 27 countries. In hopes of improving my writing skills, I decided to start this blog about two things I’m passionate about, budget and traveling.